Business Account Application

If you are a dealer, auto-rebuilder, or have a business within the automotive community which requires our services, you may qualify to apply for a Business account with L&D Solutions to receive an additional 25% off each order that you place. Please fill-out the form below and we will notify you on the status of your business account!


  • Make sure to create an account or have a previously existing account before submitting the application.
  • If the information provided below does not match to an existing account, the application will not be approved
  • Please fill out the below form as complete as possible and provide the same details that was provided on the existing account to ensure that we give the correct user the Business Account privileges
  • Submit the form below with the required information as well as an uploaded document of your Business License and we will send you an email with our decision
  • Once approved, you will be provided a discount code that will work only for your account

Fast Replies Guaranteed!

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