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Placing your service order with L&D Solutions is quick and simple. We do our best to make your experience as close to perfect as we can! After ordering your service, ship out your parts to us and we will take care of the rest. Come and see why L&D Solutions is one of the highest rated Post Collision Specialists in the world!

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Processing Your Order

The Process

Our process ensures that each and every seatbelt is restored to exact OEM standards. This means that shops and rebuilders don't need to buy expensive OEM seat belt replacements. When receiving a deployed or locked seatbelt, our technicians start by taking the seat belt completely apart and inspecting all the functioning elements. The technician then assesses the damage and matches all the broken parts with the OEM parts that we carry in stock. Our company sources all of our OEM seat belt parts from surplus companies that distribute parts to dealerships across the country. Time for you to skip the back order dilemma, the expensive OEM replacements, and increase your profits.

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